If you’re an ardent gym goer or like spending some relaxing hours at a spa, you must be familiar with wheat grass juice. The ingredient is known to work wonder for the body and the Green Foods Wheat Grass is simply a green magma powder version of the liquid. This dietary supplement is completely organic, which means there’s no use of artificial or synthetic products that might cause harm to your body.

On top of that, the formula contains no fiber, has been kept gluten-free and vegan for safe consumption of many. There is no use of sugar, salt, colorings, or fillers either. Green Foods packages one bottle with 5.3 oz. of product, every single drop rich in essential vitamins and minerals to improve body functioning. Green Foods Wheat Grass is kosher, GMO and yeast free, so it won’t really trigger a bunch of allergies.

Made in the US under the healthiest conditions, this green magma powder is 100% pure, organic wheat grass juice powder that your body will thank you for. The wheat grass juice is gently extracted and spray-dried under low temperatures to offer all the benefits of freshly juiced wheat grass in a convenient form. You can rely on Green Foods without worry as they have been an industry-leader for more than 40 years now.

Benefits of Green Foods Wheat Grass Juice

You will get all the benefits from the green magma powder as you would from the juice. Wheat grass is a great source of amino acids, enzymes; supports healthy digestion, stimulates assimilation and absorption of minerals; promotes gentle detoxification; balances alkalinity naturally; boost energy levels; promotes immunity and well-being.

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