The human body is complex and intriguing. Your body has various micro-organisms living inside it, including bacteria. While some bacteria may be harmful to your body, others play a vital role in your body’s development. Friendly bacteria can be found inside your stomach and intestine. They help in the digestion process of your body and turning your food into energy. But due to post work out stress, your body can get depleted of good bacteria. Healthy Origins Probiotic supplements can help your body to function normally even when your body is stressed.

Healthy Origins have a variety of products, including probiotics, vegan vitamin D supplements, biotin, dietary supplements, and many more. All the Healthy Origins probiotic products are third-party lab tested. They are tested to verify the potency levels, purity, and side effects of the products. With probiotics from Healthy Origins, you’re getting the best value for potency rate. Our average potency levels at the time of manufacturing are between sixty to one hundred billion CFU.   

Vegan Vitamin D products from Healthy Origins is made from compressed olive oil. Because of this formula, your body enhances the supplements quicker. Vegan Vitamin D supplements are known to help your muscle and bone structure. Vitamin D makes your bones and teeth strong. Plus, they keep you get energized. Some of the variants come in liquid soft gel form to help the older folks swallow easily. The main source of vitamin D for every human is the Sun. And not many food items contain it, so, the chances are high that your body is lacking in vitamin D. Therefore, vegan vitamin D supplements are crucial for your body to function properly.

Healthy Origins probiotics are formulated using natural vegan ingredients. No artificial elements or flavors are used in the processing. Thus, you can be tension free when buying the desired products. 

Key Features

  • Made from Compressed Olive Oil
  • Strengthens Bones and Teeth
  • Liquid Soft Gel Variant
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