Kroeger Herb products are always great in quality. This formula is titled as the “original wormwood combination.” It’s been blended carefully to be synergistically balanced and effective. A bunch of natural herbs are combined to create these nutritious supplements but the formula is still devoid of wheat, yeast, gluten, rice, corn, or preservatives.

This ensures it’s safe to consume for almost everyone. Kroger Herb does mention the products aren’t meant to diagnose, cure, treat, or prevent diseases but expect to be supplied with a healthy dosage of healthy dose of vitamins and minerals. Keep in mind that the formula hasn’t been evaluated by the FDA. Every pack of Kroeger Herb wormwood combination comes with 100 vitamin caps packed with goodness.

Benefits of Kroeger Herb Wormwood Combination

Kroeger Herb’s formula is meant to take full benefits from wormwood – an ingredient used for loss of appetite, intestinal spasms, upset stomach, as well as gall bladder disease. It is also used to treat fever, depression, liver disease, muscle pain, worm infections, and memory loss. While the blend for these supplements isn’t specified to work on every single one of those, they still bear some great health benefits.

You can always rely on Kroeger Herb products to satisfy your expectations. In addition to having wormwood as the main ingredient, there are other mix-ins like black walnut leaves, quassia, male fern, and cloves. The capsules have been made safe for vegetarians too. If you check out the customer reviews on Amazon for this Kroeger Herb product, you will see how people are raving about it left and right. The product has good reviews and is known to work well under all conditions.

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