The stress of our modern lifestyles have enforced upon us added stress and disturbed sleep cycle. Did you know that lack of sleep may lead to heart diseases, obesity, and a hoard of other degenerative diseases? Not just that, sleeping less than 6-8 hours daily can result in wide mood fluctuations, and promote feelings of bitterness, depression, and irritability. Are you unable to sleep well or long? This vegan vitamin will provide you with the help you seek. Natrol melatonin aids your sleep cycle and acts fast to help you fall asleep timely. No more irregular sleep patterns with regular consumption of Natrol melatonin. These have two layers for better time release and efficient targeting. Flavoured with strawberry extracts, Natrol melatonin is a delightful supplement for your sleep cycles. They are enriched in Vitamin B-6.  The substance found in Natrol supplements, commonly known as l-thiamine, calms you down and eliminates anxiety and stress for better sleep.

Are you facing difficulties in regulating your blood sugar levels? Natrol biotin has you covered with its natural formula. The tablets from Natrol biotin use a large amount of cinnamon extract, an extremely effective and natural ingredient to lower your blood sugars. Additionally, Natrol uses a desirable blend of cinnamon, chromium and biotin to ensure proper usage of body glucose and healthier metabolic rates. The antioxidants present in Natrol biotin promote immunity.

Are you worried about the lustre lost from your hair, skin, and nails? This may be due to not consuming vitamin B in ample amounts. This vegan vitamin is enriched with adequate biotins and Vitamin B to boost hair and nail strength and radiance. Better cellular energy production leads to greater radiance and glow in your skin. Trust this vegan vitamin and look beautiful effortlessly. 

Product Features:

  • No added preservatives, yeast soy, gluten, corn, milk, eggs or yeast
  • Vegetarian-friendly formula
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