Natures Answer, a true leader in manufacturing and distribution for a variety of vegan vitamins. Going on 45 years strong Natures Answer has continue to provide the globe with top of quality service and products that include sambucus elderberry, organic Essential Oils, turmeric vitamins and vegan multivitamins. These vegan vitamins are 100% organic and provide the highest quality ingredients in every product. With a combination of herbal remedies and strategic scientific innovation Natures Answer has dominated the vegan vitamin industry for years.

Sambucus Elderberry – An amazing flower derived from Elderberry that comes loaded with antioxidants and vitamins which are believed to boost your immune system. Sambucus Elderberry is great for preventing the common cold as is relieves inflammation and helps protect your heart.

Organic Essential Oils – There’s man different types of organic essential oils that range from Peppermint and Lavender, to Rose and Chamomile, Jasmine and Tea Tree. All containing excellent benefits that include help with stress and anxiety, headaches and migraines, sleep and insomnia, inflammation, and antibiotic remedies.

Turmeric Vitamins – While Turmeric vitamins has more than 300 naturally occurring components with major health benefits, the chemical in Turmeric connected to it’s highest health effects is Curcumin. This wonderful natural root has been linked to health benefits that of healing cancer.

Liquid Multivitamin – This perfect vegan vitamin packs a punch with 200% Vitamin A, 500% Vitamin C, 1000% Vitamin B6, 500% Vitamin B12, 100% Vitamin D, 200% Vitamin E, 100% Biotin, along with more vitamins to help with your daily functions.

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