Isn’t it terrifying to cough in front of people when you have a regular cold? You know that it’s nothing serious, but people don’t know that. So, before people take you as a red flag you need to do something about that constant cough and give yourself some rest. Check out Olbas lozenges. These lozenges from Olbas can help with your cough very fast. To know more about the wonders of these Olbas lozenges keep reading!

Benefits of Olbas

To fight cough, you need some good medicines, otherwise the cough will keep spreading. Thanks to the active ingredients of Olbas that keep it effective for a long time. These lozenges are made of menthol, citric acid, vitamin C, eucalyptus oil, Isomalt, and natural flavor.

These ingredients will help you boost your immune system and keep the cough away.

When it comes to coughs, have you ever tried the Olbas cough syrup? It works amazingly for your cough. The question is, can you take cough syrup or do you like the taste of Olbas cough syrup? If not, then you can always switch to an alternative.

The best alternative to the cough syrup is the  lozenges. Each of the packs comes with 24 pieces. If you love trying different flavors, then you will love these lozenges from Olbas. These lozenges come in black currant flavor and we are certain that you will love them. These lozenges are dairy-free and there are no added colors. In addition, these are gluten-free and yeast-free so no allergy attacks onwards.

So, get rid of cough and all the germs that come with it with these fantastic Olba lozenges! Consult with your doctor before you start taking them.

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