Pea protein powder is a type of vegan vitamin supplement extracted directly from nature. It is generally made from crashing yellow peas and adding necessary elements. Peas are a great source of vegan protein and iron. If you follow a vegan diet, due to the unavailability of certain substances, you might have protein and iron deficiency. Pea protein supplements can be easily incorporated into your diet. You can mix the powder with any beverage or liquid you prefer and drink it to get your vegan vitamins. It also helps with muscle growth, fat loss, and blood circulation. Peas contain nine amino acids that are essential for your body. But the sources of these amino acids are animal-based. So, people have to search very thoroughly to find vegan vitamins for this specific need. Olympian Labs have made it easier for all you vegans and vegetarians out there!

Olympian Labs crafted this pea protein supplement to support lean muscle mass. While other similar products from different brands might be tasteless, this variant has a naturally infused vanilla flavor. You’ll want more every time you take a sip. This product will perfectly complement your diet as it is low on calories. The additional iron and magnesium in this supplement will strengthen your bones and help your digestion system. If you’re a gym freak who follows a vegan diet, you can use this protein supplement as a pre-workout drink. You can even mix it with smoothies as it comes in powdered form.

This pea protein supplement from Olympian Labs is completely free of dairy, gluten, genetically modified organism, wheat, and yeast. The brand is known for making vegetarian capsules and powdered supplements. It’s based in America, and the products are made using American ingredients. You get great value for money from their products.

Key Features

  • Mitigates Protein Deficiency
  • Builds Lean Muscle Mass
  • Strengthens the Bones
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