Organic India Tulsi Tea is considered auspicious, pure and holy in India. In many parts of India and few other regions of South East Asia Tulsi tea is considered sacred for its numerous benefits. The tea leaves can cure many complications and illnesses, it can be also be consumed in many ways. The most common form is consuming the dried leaves of the plant as tea. The active ingredients from the leaves get blended with the water and acts as a refreshing hot drink.
Organic India’s Holy Basil Supplement has been tested, formulated and optimized to give people the most of Tulsi leaf’s health benefits. It helps to induce relief stress positively. Contains Rama, Vana and Krishna tulsi leaves. It is a vegan product that is completely free of any gluten.
Benefits of Organic India Tulsi Herbal Supplement
The Holy basil tea is USDA and LEED platinum certified. It is perhaps the first Indian food product that has received LEED platinum-certification. It is great at relieving anxiety and disorder. It helps people feel calm, relaxed, and at peace. Organic India’s herbal supplement contains purest form of tulsi without any preservatives.
The Holy basil tea also help by strengthening the immune system, endurance and stamina. Apart from mental stress and others, the tulsi tea also helps a person reduce their blood sugar levels, maintain dental and oral health, and improve their respiratory conditions. Organic India’s Tulsi herbal supplement can also act as a detoxifier, as tulsi tea has good detoxification ability. This tea can be taken twice each day; regular consumption is not harmful.

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