Quantum Research elderberry and zinc lozenges are quite popular among children and adults. People have tasted zinc lozenges before, this is perhaps one of the few candies that have both zinc and elderberry lozenges together in it. Elderberry is a medicinal plant and since ancient times have been used as a remedy in various conditions and to treat many illnesses. In modern times, elderberry lozenges are used to treat seasonal flu.
Zinc lozenges on the other hand are quite common. People who do not have a balanced diet, lack essential minerals in their blood. Zinc is an important mineral, deficiency in zinc can result into many complications. Quantum research zinc and elderberry lozenges are tasty, contains no GMO, and are BPA free and completely organic.
Benefits of Quantum Research Elderberry and zinc lozenges

Elderberry and zinc lozenges are a great remedy against common cold, cough, and sore throat. Zinc lozenges helps boost immune system and enhance metabolism functions. It also helps to repair wounds, cuts and causes them to heal faster. On the other hand, elderberry contains vitamin C, it is high in dietary fiber, phenolic acids and anthocyanin.
It prevents anti-inflammatory reactions from taking place in the body, and also help combat oxidative radicals preventing chemical changes. The elderberry & zinc lozenges have an aspertine like taste and works to reduce cold symptoms within few hours. People who have had these lozenges have highly praised how well they work within a short time and how the zinc helps them improve their skin.

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