Deva Vegan Vitamin D – 800 Iu – 90 Count

Deva Vegan Vitamin D – 800 Iu – 90 Count
Deva Vegan Vitamin D – 800 Iu – 90 Count

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77 in stock

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One of the best sources of vegan vitamin D is Deva Vegan Vitamin D which is rich in vitamin D2. It comes in the form of Ergocalciferol, at the rate of 800 IU per serving. Ergocalciferol has tremendous benefits when it comes to fighting vitamin D deficiency. It prevents hypothyroidism and also protects the body against developing severe adversities like rickets or hypophosphatemia. Consuming Deva Nutrition vegan vitamins regularly will not only keep your bones and muscles strong but also bring about mood stability, especially in the case of chronic depression and bipolar issues.

Deficiency in Vitamin D is often found more in people living in the cooler regions, where they don’t get enough sun exposure, as the sunlight is considered the best and unlimited source of vitamin. The vegans also have greater chances of suffering from vitamin D deficiency, as they don’t consume fish, meat and dairy products. Vitamin D deficiency may start with mild symptoms like aging skin, low immunity, and consistent fatigue and escalate into something bigger like osteoporosis, hair loss, muscle aches and more. If you’re a vegan living in an area that doesn’t have much sun exposure, you should take Deva Nutrition supplements rich in vegan vitamins to combat such issues and enhance your overall health.

The other ingredients present in the vegan vitamin D supplements are Vegetable Stearic Acid, Vegetable Magnesium Stearate, Dicalcium phosphate, Silica, and Cellulose. While Stearic Acid benefits the skin, Dicalcium Phosphate aids the vitamins in keeping the bones and muscles strong and healthy. The cellulose in the supplements acts like a fiber and improves your digestive capabilities. Being completely vegan, these Deva Nutrition supplements don’t have an ounce of animal products, yeast, wheat, GMOs or dairy products in them. You should note here that they are not approved by the FDA, thus don’t aim to treat, cure or diagnose any adverse condition. It’s for these reasons why Deva Vegan Vitamin D come highly recommended as a value source of vitamin d. 

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