Deva Vegan Vitamins Black Cumin Seed Oil – 90 Count

Deva Vegan Vitamins Black Cumin Seed Oil – 90 Count
Deva Vegan Vitamins Black Cumin Seed Oil – 90 Count

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The Deva Vegan Vitamins Black Cumin Seed Oil supplements are one of the richest sources of Black Cumin Oil in the market. From Indian Ayurveda and Chinese herbalism to ancient Egyptian, Greek and Islamic herbal practices, the benefits of the black cumin oil are acknowledged by every health enthusiast. Also known as the ‘blessed seed’, it’s widely used in herbal medicines across the world to combat skin issues and slow down aging. These Deva Nutrition supplements are also a great source of vegan vitamin, organic orange oil, silica, all from natural sources without an ounce of animal product in them. With 5 calories per serving and 5 again from fat, you don’t have to worry about gaining weight on regular consumption.

Being a vegan vitamin product, the Deva Nutrition supplements are free of yeast, GMOs, gluten, starch, wheat, salt, sugar, soy, hexane, dairy products, eggs, fish and even artificial color. With 500mg of Black Cumin Oil per serving, the supplements can help reduce high blood pressure and cholesterol levels in the blood. They can also reduce asthma symptoms to a great extent, as the black cumin oil has tremendous anti-inflammatory effects. This apart, the Deva Nutrition supplements can also prevent symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis. If you take one tablet regularly, you may also notice a significant improvement in your digestive system with time.

Black Cumin Seed Oil also has amazing effects on the skin. It can help reduce complicated skin issues like Psoriasis and improve the healing ability of the skin. It also helps keeps the skin moisturized and soft and enhances hair luster. Some people with acne issues are also said to have benefitted from Black Cumin Seed Oil, which is present in huge amounts in the supplements. The oil in our supplements is, however, cold-pressed and unrefined and comes in the form of vegan tablets that you can consume daily. You should note here that as the product is not approved by the FDA, we don’t claim that it can cure, treat or diagnose any specific condition. It’s for these reasons why we recommend Deva Vegan Vitamins Black Cumin Seed Oil as a top supplement. 

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