Natures Answer Sambucus – Original – Family Size – 16 Oz

Natures Answer Sambucus – Original – Family Size – 16 Oz
Natures Answer Sambucus – Original – Family Size – 16 Oz

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23 in stock

Product Description

Natures Answer Sambucus is a dietary supplement that contains high-quality Sambucus elderberry extraction. Through each serving, the syrup offers 12,000 mg of black elderberry to provide all the necessary nutrients.

This is a suitable product for all, including the vegans and the vegetarians, because it contains no animal derivatives, gluten, dairy, and non-kosher ingredients. Instead, the Sambucus immune syrup features a balanced blend of vegetable glycerine, citric acid, and purified water. All of them together offer maximum health benefits to consumers.

Natures Answer Sambucus is safe for regular consumption because it does not even contain any alcohol or benzoate ingredient. Although the Sambucus immune syrup is not produced to cure any disease entirely, it can effectively help to prevent the most severe disease symptoms over time. That means it has the elements of anti-inflammation and anti-cancer along with vitamin C, fiber, and antioxidants. Thanks to the adequate ratio of black elderberry extract in the Sambucus immune blend, diabetic patients can also consume it to keep their blood sugar level down.

Besides improving the immune system, Sambucus elderberry can prevent the development of harmful and dangerous bacteria like Helicobacter pylori. Additionally, it is known that the Sambucus elderberry can help the human body to fight against bronchitis. In fact, it is also used in folk medicine to treat burns, dental pains, bruises, and even sciatica.

Many experts believe that Natures Answer Sambucus is effective in increasing the number of happy hormones in the human body. So, the product can also be considered a natural antidepressant solution. You can also gain significant relief from constipation with it. Just like some of our other Sambucus products, it can be consumed with tea, coffee juice, and shakes, as it has a great natural flavor.

  • Helps to prevent diseases.
  • Benzoates and alcohol-free.
  • A balanced blend of vegan-friendly ingredients.
  • Natural flavor.

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