Natures Way Fiber – Alive – Liquid – Citrus – 16 Oz

Natures Way Fiber – Alive – Liquid – Citrus – 16 Oz
Natures Way Fiber – Alive – Liquid – Citrus – 16 Oz

Brand: Nature's Way

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20 in stock

Product Description

If you’re suffering from digestive issues, Natures Way Alive Liquid Fiber can help you get rid of the same. Packed with fiber vitamins and a blend of fresh fruits and veggies, this amazing liquid supplement can relieve you from intestinal issues that create problems in digestion. Every ingredient of this product is derived naturally, including the powdered blend of fruits and veggies like orange, apple, beet, raspberries, cauliflower, asparagus, banana, broccoli, pumpkin, Brussels, sprout, cucumber, spinach, peas, tomato and so on. The high amounts of vegan vitamins present in these green, leafy veggies and fresh orchard fruits help the body replenish its essential vitamins and minerals and prevent deficiency-related issues to a huge extent.

The Natures Way Alive Liquid Fiber vegan vitamin product contains 5g of dietary fiber per serving to help you fight against indigestion and related issues. One of the key benefits of dietary fiber vitamins is its ability to maintain proper bowel movements by increasing the size of your stool and softening it. As constipation mainly arises due to the difficulty in passing stool, increasing their size and mass helps you eliminate them from your body without much hassle. However, if you tend to pass more liquidated, watery stool, the fiber will help solidify it and add some bulk to maintain the proper structure of your stool. However, this is not the only benefit of dietary fiber. Fiber vitamins It also lowers cholesterol and blood sugar levels and prevents obesity by controlling the intake of food. This apart, they also reduce the risks of certain forms of cancer, e.g., breast cancer to a good extent.

Packed with vegan vitamins and fiber, this amazing product goes the extra mile to enhance your health and well-being. Being completely free from gluten, yeast, and wheat and rich in useful ingredients like potassium sorbate, malic acid, stevia extract and more, the benefits of this product for vegans and vegetarians are manifold.

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