Nature’s Way Magnesium Complex – 100 Capsules

Nature’s Way Magnesium Complex – 100 Capsules
Nature’s Way Magnesium Complex – 100 Capsules

Brand: Nature's Way

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1019 in stock

Product Description

Nature’s Way Magnesium Complex supplement is an effective vegan vitamin product that helps promote bone and muscle health. The 500 mg of magnesium present in these capsules in the form of magnesium citrate and magnesium oxide helps increase bone mineral density besides providing other health benefits. According to researches, magnesium deficiencies may lead to heart diseases, as magnesium helps remove calcium from the blood vessels and deposit them in the bones and muscles of the body. If you consume 2 vegan magnesium tablets regularly, you can reduce the chances of heart attacks to a great extent. The Nature’s Way Magnesium Complex mineral also helps maintain the structure and integrity of muscles, soft tissue, and body fluids, including blood, thus providing an overall sense of well being. 

Magnesium deficiencies can also cause frequent muscle cramps, seizures, and convulsions by increasing the amount of calcium in the nervous system. Such high amounts of calcium in the nerve cells may also result in mental health issues, like anxiety and chronic depression. The vegan vitamin supplements with their high amount of magnesium can help keep such issues at bay. It’s also said that one of the reasons for developing osteoporosis is magnesium deficiency. Hence, these vegan magnesium tablets will decrease the chances of developing such issues. 

Apart from vegan vitamin and magnesium, the supplements also contain cellulose, gelatin, magnesium stearate, and silica in considerable amounts. While the magnesium stearate ensure proper absorption of the supplements by the body, silica strengthens the brain’s connective tissues, as well as promote the release of insulin by the pancreas, thus keeping diabetic conditions in check. You’ll be glad to know that these vegan magnesium supplements can help pacify insomnia and fight asthmatic attacks to a good extent. Last but not least, the supplements also relax the muscles in the blood vessels, thus relieving high blood pressure. However, the product is not evaluated by the FDA and hence doesn’t claim to diagnose, treat, or cure any particular condition. 

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