Slice Of Life Omega 3 Gummy Vitamins – 60 Count

Slice Of Life Omega 3 Gummy Vitamins – 60 Count
Slice Of Life Omega 3 Gummy Vitamins – 60 Count

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A valuable source of vegan vitamins, the Slice Of Life Omega 3 replenishes your body’s requirements for essential fatty acids without harming any animal in the process. Free from mercury and fish products, two slices of this amazing cran orange-flavored vegan omega supplement consists of 245 mg of omega fatty acids that help reduce blood pressure levels, triglycerides in the body, as well as prevent the development of plaque in the blood arteries, thus enhancing your heart health to a good extent. Regular consumption of these slices can also lower the chances of cardiac arrests, especially in elderly people.

Meant specifically for the adults, these omega 3 vegan have 30 Calories per serving, 6g of sugar, with the total carbohydrate count standing at 8g. Having 15 mg of Sodium per serving (two slices), these vegan vitamins also help balance the number of fluids in the body, improve nerve conditions and muscle contractions.

One of the most important constituents of the slices is Chia seed oil, which is present in 304 ml per serving. These effectively replace the need for fish oil and other fish products without compromising on the health benefits of the same. A constant supplier of omega 3 vegan, the naturally-derived (from Salvia hispanica) chia seed oil also contains adequate amounts of essential nutrients like calcium, magnesium, fiber, manganese phosphorus, zinc, potassium protein and fat. It acts as a powerful antioxidant, protecting the body from free radicals that aim to damage the cells, thus enhancing your immune system to a great extent. Daily consumption of the supplements can also increase your body’s resistance to degenerative diseases like cancer.

Slice Of Life Omega 3 is free from all kinds of animal derivatives like gluten, yeast, dairy products and GMO, the slices contain other important ingredients like organic Tapioca syrup and cane sugar, natural cranberry-orange flavor, citric acid, organic sunflower oil and others to create an amazing blend of yummy, healthy slices that improve your overall health.

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    Great source of Omegas!

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