Smartypants Adult Probiotic – Blueberry – 60 Count

Smartypants Adult Probiotic – Blueberry – 60 Count
Smartypants Adult Probiotic – Blueberry – 60 Count

Brand: Smarty Pants

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Product Description

In the simplest terms, Probiotics are living microorganisms that are introduced into your system through dietary supplements or otherwise to strike a healthy balance of good bacteria in the body and offer numerous benefits, like weight loss, improvement in immune functions, mental health conditions, and the digestive system. The Smartypants Adult Probiotic is s vegan supplement with not an ounce of artificial colors, flavors, GMOs, wheat, or salicylates in the gummies. With 20 calories per serving (two gummies), a total carb count of 5 g, and sugars of 4g, you need not worry about experiencing a hike in your blood sugar levels, especially if you’re a diabetic. This apart, the gummies also contain 15 mg of Sodium per serving to maintain a fluid balance. 

The adult Probiotic contains 200 mg of Baker’s Yeast Beta-Glucan extract, which poses huge benefits to our immune system at large. It also promotes heart health and maintains the level of bad cholesterol in the blood. This apart, the product also contains a series of vegan vitamins to boost the overall function of the supplements. The inclusion of Bacillus subtilis DE 111 by 5 billion CFU per serving also enhances the digestive functions of the body by stabilizing bowel movements. Bacillus coagulans IS2 is another key ingredient of the adult Probiotic (2 billion CFU per serving) that helps reduce the issues caused by irritable bowel movements in adults, inflammations, diarrhea caused by antibiotics and certain respiratory infections too. 

Packed with these beneficial microorganisms the Smartypants Adult Probiotic and vegan vitamins supplement should be consumed regularly to observe maximum results. As it’s a vegan product, the other ingredients used in the supplements, like organic cane sugar, natural blueberry flavor, Tapioca syrup, Sodium Citrate, watermelon juice concentrate, and more, are derived from 100% organic sources. Get your pack of Probiotic gummies today to start a conscious and healthy dietary practice, of course with permission from your health specialist. 

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